The Patch – BBC Radio 4

One producer, one randomly generated postcode, and an unheard story unfolding in a corner of Britain we wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Tiptree, Essex (Radio 4’s Pick of The Week)

The random postcode-generator takes us to Tiptree; a place known for its jam production and for being ‘Britain’s largest village.’

Lately, residents have been experiencing crime like never before. Why is it happening? Is it really happening? We find answers on late-night walks, a police patrol and the Crimewatch Tiptree Facebook group.

Croxteth, Liverpool

The random postcode generator takes us to Croxteth; a place with a reputation for gangs, shootings and violence.

Yet in the heart of L114 is a vibrant community centre providing a lifeline to residents. Over the course of one day, we hear the joyous, heartbreaking and brave stories of those who pass through Family Matters. This is the story of a community determined to contradict the negative news cycle.

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