Tapsew – The Brunswick Club

In November 2017 I collaborated with BEEF members Melanie Clifford, Matt Davies, Sam Francis, Howard Jacques, Shirley Pegna and Rob Colborn to develop The Brunswick Light Way Process.

The Brunswick Light-Ray Process was an early method of sound recording technology using a mirror, light rays and sound wave vibrations to record audio in a way that harmonizes with the optical soundtrack employed in photochemical film processes. During the Autumn months, we developed versions of the defunct Light Ray Process to test its limits and potential.

Sam Francis, Rob Colborn and I formed Tapsew – a tap-dancing sewing machine. Our sounds were picked up by the Brunswick Light Way process as well as by condenser and pick up mics, which were in turn manipulated by Rob Colborn. The result was a performance of intricacies and delicate sounds – taps on wood, needle pings, sewing churns, scissors on cotton.

Throughout the evening, I was part of a choir who meandered around the ballroom singing signs and hums. I was also picking up snapshots of conversation on a recorder, then manipulating them through CDJs during a live radio transmission – looping, reversing, pitch-shifting. It went out on Resonance FM at 10.30pm that evening.

Photo credit: Rich Broomhall

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