In the Company of Insects

I collaborated with award-winning poet Fiona Benson for a new collection of poetry sound pieces, In the Company of Insects. This was commissioned by Arts & Culture, the University of Exeter.

Each poem is dedicated to a different insect – from crickets to glowworms, fireflies to cockroaches. The poems have been recorded and the world of the insect brought to life through immersive sound design, field recordings made on location, and interviews with insect experts.

Created over 18 months, all three sections address the urgency inherent in an insect’s short lifespan, the developing environmental crisis and shrinking biodiversity. Uncovering a fascinating world rarely encountered, In the Company of Insects is a series of 60+ sound poetry pieces split into three parts. Also featuring collaborations with the audio producer Mair Bosworth.

Experience parts one and two here.

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