Chasing Philip Glass – MIF Originals

Listen here.

What would you ask your hero?

Phelim McDermott, director and co-founder of Improbable Theatre, is making a stage show with Philip Glass – his long-term hero and creative inspiration. After years of following Glass from afar Phelim now has the chance to meet him, and to ask whatever he wants. The only problem is that Phelim has no idea what to ask.

In search of the perfect question, Phelim explores his dreams, dredges up memories and speaks to those who know him best, going to the very core of where ideas come from. Including contributions from Matilda McDermott, Ridley McDermott and co-director Kirsty Housley.

Music by Philip Glass and Vicky Clarke. Hosted by Isaiah Hull. Produced by Eliza Lomas. A Reduced Listening and Manchester International Festival production.

(photo credit: Rod Morata)

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