A Manual For Dreaming Womxn – BBC Radio 4

Poet Rachel Long presents a guide to turning your dreams into writing, in a poetic workshop for radio.

Listen here.

With the help of poet and psychoanalyst Nuar Alsadir, poet and playwright Caroline Bird and literary editor Kishani Widyaratna, Rachel explores the links between dreams and poetry, including her own. How might we transform our sleep-time wanderings into something more than just a funny story for the morning?

Dreams can be many things – they are narratives constructed and experienced in image; a portal into our unconscious and, more simply, a way to keep our mind occupied while sleeping. But Rachel argues, we can also harness their metaphoric capabilities to deepen our understanding of poetry, and the process of writing poems. Not only that, but poets really can use their unconscious as a guide for their writing.

In the Company of Insects

I collaborated with award-winning poet Fiona Benson for a new collection of poetry sound pieces, In the Company of Insects. This was commissioned by Arts & Culture, the University of Exeter.

Each poem is dedicated to a different insect – from crickets to glowworms, fireflies to cockroaches. The poems have been recorded and the world of the insect brought to life through immersive sound design, field recordings made on location, and interviews with insect experts.

Created over 18 months, all three sections address the urgency inherent in an insect’s short lifespan, the developing environmental crisis and shrinking biodiversity. Uncovering a fascinating world rarely encountered, In the Company of Insects is a series of 60+ sound poetry pieces split into three parts. Also featuring collaborations with the audio producer Mair Bosworth.

Experience parts one and two here.

My Name Is: Lucy – BBC Radio 4

Lucy is single, 41 and looking for a long-term relationship. Through apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge, she’s now been on over 500 dates.

After five years of swiping through potential dates like it’s a never-ending card game, Lucy wants to work out whether she’s wasting her time using apps which don’t seem to be invested in helping her find love. Is she right about this? Should she rid of them and concentrate on living her best single life instead?

To work this out, Lucy discovers how the algorithms work and whether they are actually failing her; why people behave badly on the apps and how to remain optimistic.

Listen here.

Karachi’s Ambulance Drivers – BBC World Service

Two-part documentary, On The Frontline with Karachi’s Ambulance Drivers, presented by Samira Shackle for the BBC World Service.

Part one // Part two

In Karachi, with a population of around 20 million people, ambulance drivers are on the front lines of this megacity’s shifting conflicts.

Samira Shackle joins one of these drivers, Muhammad Safdar, on his relentless round of call-outs. As a first-responder for more than fifteen years, Safdar has witnessed Karachi wracked by gang wars, political violence and terrorism. At the height of the unrest, the number of fatalities was often overwhelming. Then a harsh crackdown by the army and the police, beginning in 2014, brought the conflict under control. Following this, Safdar and others like him have seen drastic changes in the nature of their work.

As Samira and Safdar traverse this enormous city, their experiences reveal a remarkable story of life and death in contemporary Pakistan.

Leap! – BBC Radio 4

What would you do with a day out of time? Artist Monster Chetwynd leads a delightfully bonkers exploration of the Leap Day, from ancient history to fantasy-performance-radio.

Radio pick of the day in the Sunday Times, The Times, Radio Times, the Mail on Sunday and Total TV Mag.

Listen here.

The Patch – BBC Radio 4

One producer, one randomly generated postcode, and an unheard story unfolding in a corner of Britain we wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Tiptree, Essex (Radio 4’s Pick of The Week)

The random postcode-generator takes us to Tiptree; a place known for its jam production and for being ‘Britain’s largest village.’

Lately, residents have been experiencing crime like never before. Why is it happening? Is it really happening? We find answers on late-night walks, a police patrol and the Crimewatch Tiptree Facebook group.

Croxteth, Liverpool

The random postcode generator takes us to Croxteth; a place with a reputation for gangs, shootings and violence.

Yet in the heart of L114 is a vibrant community centre providing a lifeline to residents. Over the course of one day, we hear the joyous, heartbreaking and brave stories of those who pass through Family Matters. This is the story of a community determined to contradict the negative news cycle.

Great Lives – BBC Radio 4

Jeremy Deller on the Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein (BBC Radio 4 Pick of The Week)

Shirley Collins on the American song-hunter Alan Lomax (BBC Radio 4 Pick of The Week)

Laura Marling on the first woman psychoanalyst Lou Andreas-Salome

Philippa Perry on Italian doctor and educator Maria Montessori

Comedian Sindhu Vee on Prince

Andi Oliver on Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison (BBC Radio 4 Pick of The Week)

(photo credit: Jeremy Deller)

The Art of Memory – Tate Modern podcast

How can our past inspire us to create?

In this episode, we explore the role of memory in art. Pierre Bonnard relied on memory to create his paintings. This podcast asks how can our senses provoke memories and how can our past inspire us? We hear from contemporary artists, a stroke survivor, a neuroscientist and an author and poet.

Featuring Kayo Chingonyi, Constanza Dessain, Stuart Donaldson, Matthew Gale, Rosanna McLaughlin, Sylvia Rimat, Nick Turner and Rachel Williams.


Berlin: Then & Now (Crack Magazine x Sonas)

Berlin: Then & Now, a podcast series exploring the city’s rich musical past, present and future through the gaze of two unique artists from different generations.

Recorded at the new Sonos Store in Mitte, two artists share ideas and play each other tracks.

In our first episode, Peaches sat down with Lotic for a candid conversation about the different generations of Berlin’s queer scene and the ways in which they’ve both found a community in the city.

For episode two, photographer, artist and activist Wolfgang Tillmans meets Luz Diaz, the founder of Room 4 Resistance, a Berlin–based queer femme and non–binary collective focused on building communities and creating safety and visibility for marginalised voices in dance music.

photo credit: Benjamin Brook

The Renovation Generation – Sonic Portraits from Vietnam

I co-founded and produce The Renovation Generation: sonic portraits of the young minds reshaping Vietnam’s future.

In the backdrop of the 30th anniversary of Đổi Mới, the name given to the 1986 economic reform known as the ‘Renovation Policy’ that would transform Vietnam, we share portraits of those born after the reform was implemented.

We meet with graphic artists, hardcore metal stars, gallery curators, hip hop artists, poets, entrepreneurs and everything in-between.

Photo credit: Jacques Smit.

Co-producer: Fabiola Buchele

Natural Histories – BBC Radio 4

Brett Westwood explores how the venerable, slow moving and long-lived turtle has become a symbol of good fortune and stability while being hunted for tortoiseshell and turtle soup. Featuring Molokai the turtle and his keeper at the National Sea Life Centre Jonny Rudd, conservation scientist Professor Brendan Godley from the University of Exeter, documentary-maker Tran Le Thuy telling the story of a legendary turtle in Vietnam and Gregory McNamee who dives into the cultural world of turtles.

Producer: Eliza Lomas
Photo: National Sea Life Centre, Birmingham (Molokai).

Crack Magazine x Warehouse Project

This Autumn, I’ve been producing bi-monthly podcasts with the resident DJs of the Warehouse Project in Manchester: Moxie, Artwork, Paul Woolford, Sascha and more to come.

The DJs delve into their record bags and tell stories about the records which have inspired them throughout their careers.

Presented by Duncan Harrison and produced in association with Crack Magazine.